Can Christian Women Be Holy and Sexy at the Same Time?

Can you be holy and sexy at the same time? There is definitely a tension there, I'm not disputing that. Sensual and saved? The bible encourages sensuality in the confines of a marriage, but what if you're single? The dictionary definition of holiness is as follows: dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred. Whereas the informal dictionary definition of sexy is: exciting; appealing.

So, it follows that, as a holy woman, I am set apart by who I choose to put my faith in – Jesus Christ. And as a young woman who has an eye towards fashion and expression – some of my choices may be meant to appeal and highlight beauty. We know very well the prohibition against fornication, but can Christian women express their femininity in ways that invites and intrigues without being overtly lustful? What is the line and why is this conversation important? 

 It's important to me because I believe God gives women, all women, beauty as a gift. How best can we steward it for His glory? I'm going to continue exploring this through my company @crownedwithgraceboutique. I may mess up here and there but trust me when I say my heart is in the right place and my pursuit is to see Christ magnified through my life and expression.

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