Busting the Myth of the Lowly Christian Woman

When I think of what it means to be a Christian woman of faith in certain conservative Christian circles things like SAHM, cook and clean, all covered up, silent yes woman to your husband come to mind. Now most of these things aren’t wrong in and of themselves (except for that last one lol), and there is honor in a couple of them - but are they a scriptural mandate for all Christian women?

When I turn from the American Christian culture and I look to what the scriptures say, I get a different view.

Proverbs 31 tells the story of a hardworking business woman. This woman scopes out property and buys it, she wears fine linen, she makes clothes for her household and needy people in the community, She is kind and respectful to all, she also sells merchandise and her husband and children appreciate all that she does for them and others. This woman is busy, she is a go getter and her wisdom and strength is noted and appreciated.

So what does this mean for you? If you grew up believing that in order to be a proper woman of faith that you need to shrink yourself, suppress your God given wisdom and ambitions – my darling, think again and reread Proverbs 31 while you’re at it.


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